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Restaurant Asset

Restaurant Asset Restructuring is the process of buying or selling of a Restaurant's assets that comprise of far greater than half of the target restaurant's consolidated assets. Hence creating a sustainable business environment.

Why need asset restructuring?

Normally, people take a loan from banks while purchasing any immobile assets for their F&B Ventures. Several banks lend money to them without making proper background verification of the customers whether they would be able to repay the loan amount with interest within the stipulated time period or their creditworthiness. Hence, the chances of the loan going bad increases significantly and thus might harm these financial institutions by increasing their fiscal debts. Also it becomes absolutely impossible for the business owner who has winded up operations to get rid of the bad debts.This is where FCC comes into the picture we perform a complete evaluation of the assets which are there and reuse them at other projects where there is a requirement.

With Food Craft restaurant wind ups are easier.