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With Food Craft, developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our experience and industry expertise.

Food Craft works to fully understand your thoughts and objectives, whether developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation. With a pulse on the latest food trends, growing markets and successful concepts in every service category and cuisine, we will research and recommend a list of " must-see " competitive and on-trend concepts in specific markets. Each restaurant on the tour is carefully selected to provide unique learnings - from pricing strategy and decor to service touch points-and to survey the existing restaurant landscape and any potential voids in the market.

Throughout the " Discovery Tour," Food Craft provides conceptual, operational and financial insights, sharing high-level strategies and big ideas that will enable your restaurant to have a unique competitive edge. In an effort to define your restaurant-its food, service and design strategies; average check size.-you will then experience a brand positioning and strategic planning session to define as a group a viable restaurant brand that connects with guests and boasts a financial model that works.

This solves your purpose in the following ways:

Restaurant Concept Guide

FCC will find the images to promote your brand and bring to life your ideas and visions. The Restaurant Concept Guide includes your food and beverage strategies, market niche, direction, service approach, business goals and an example menu.

Financial Feasibility Study

We provide a Financial Feasibility Study that will identify the capital budget requirements for your concept. It will include a budget for your lease, a breakeven analysis, projected check averages, sales forecasting, food costs, beverage costs, labour costs, a profitability plan and a five-year pro forma.

Restaurant Layout

Our Restaurant Layout is a prototype including full-scale drawings of the back of the store, kitchen equipment, walk-in coolers, bars, front of the store, dining area, waiting area, and any other spaces in your plan.

FCC: 5-step Concept Brainstorming Approach


We start by learning about your vision, concept, and ideas and what you have in mind for your menu design, service style, location, budget and timeline.


We take a look at your potential competitors and create a strategic list for analysis to be used during a site tour in your local market or in a saturated competitive market.


During our competitor site tour, we survey the market, analyse and compare other local concepts, and discover your competition's successes and shortcomings. This process will allow us to identify the best practices and develop the niche that gives your business the upper hand.

Plan of Action

In a brand identity brainstorm session, we establish a plan of action that includes direction for your restaurant concept. We discuss the restaurant's look and feel, design, brand value, pricing, menu, equipment needs, ideal locations, and other requirements.


In the FCC reporting phase, we work with our clients to produce the following deliverables to help you achieve a seamless implementation & launch for your establishment.